How to generate dynamic galleries inside ManyChat and manage content from Google Sheets


Now could be the time to take a look at the connection between ManyChat and Google Sheets template.

Step 5.

Discover the move below the quantity 3 — ‘Vegetarian pizza’ move and click on ‘Edit’ at one in all them. Within the dynamic content block, you’ll want to have values as on screenshots beneath ⤵️

and add Full Subscriber Information within the ‘Physique’ tab.

When it’s performed you’ll be able to take a look at your request by clicking on ‘Check the request’ button. If the whole lot is completed accurately you’re going to get a response like that 👇👇

Step 6.

Repeat Step 5 with the ‘Non-Vegetarian pizza’ move:

Step 7. Virtually Finished!

Now the one factor is left 🚀 — customise your Google Sheets template and adapt menu gadgets to your pizzeria, bar, restaurant…

  • Column ‘lively’ is accountable to make a present merchandise lively or not lively
  • Column ‘title’ is an merchandise of your menu in a ManyChat gallery
  • Column ‘subtitle’ is an merchandise description
  • Column ‘picture’ is an image of an applicable merchandise
  • Columns ‘addButton1’, ‘addButton2’, ‘addButton3’ join Three buttons to every card of the gallery
  • Columns ‘button1Caption’, ‘button2Caption’, ‘button3Caption’ show button titles
  • Columns ‘button1Target’, ‘button2Target’, ‘button3Target’ hyperlink to a selected ManyChat move. You may get a move ID in your Manychat dashboard by navigating to the particular move and then viewing the URL.

Right here is an instance:

  • Columns ‘button1Action’, ‘button2Action’, ‘button3Action’ arrange customized area values. Select ‘set_field_value’ and add it twice, separated by commas. These will save values for ‘button1ActionName’, ‘button2ActionName’, ‘button3ActionName’ customized fields.
  • Columns ‘button1ActionName’, ‘button2ActionName’, ‘button3ActionName’ set the values for customized fields Pizza, Pizza value, Pizza dimension when clicking on the suitable button within the gallery.
  • Columns ‘button1ActionValue’, ‘button2ActionValue’, ‘button3ActionValue’ are the precise values for these customized fields.

💡 Instance: When clicking on Pepperoni mid-size pizza for $15.99, the ‘button2ActionValue’ — Pepperoni, mid-size, 15.99 will arrange values for Pizza, Pizza dimension, Pizza value customized fields for the ‘button2ActionName’ column and ship information again to the ManyChat.

Additionally, you may get extra data on how Botsheets works right here.


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